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Non Government Organization (NGO)


The past decade has seen a rapid rise in the professionalization of the NGO and not for profit sectors. NGOs are renowned for having dedicated staff who are happy to go beyond the call of duty without a second thought.

People working within the non-profit industry have normally chosen to be there and have decided that they would rather have job satisfaction and work towards something positive. All non-profit organizations seek to maximise their investment in their beneficiaries and additional budgets for staff training are often at the bottom of the pile whenever annual budget writing comes around.

TransEd has exceptional experience assisting NGOs around the world in building their local capacity and expanding their reach, ultimately improving their ability to aid underserved populations across the globe.

We understand it is not always obvious what skills you will need to develop and achieve your goals within the sector. TransEd has established various professional development programs to help you advance the mission you are on and to motivate your team.



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